Warriors Remembered upcoming events

I will be touring the Gulf Coast with presentations on Warriors Remembered over the next two weeks.
Tues May 17 – presentation to the South Alabama Veterans Council in Mobile at 9 am (Tiny Diny restaurant)
Wed May 18 – taping “Conversations with Jeff Weeks” for PBS WSRE Pensacola to be aired at a time TBD
Fri May 20 – TV appearance on “Dayside” – with Sue Straughn WEAR, ABC ch 3, Pensacola
— possible interview for the evening news
Sat May 21 – Discovery Saturday presentation at 10 am at the National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola on the Memorials of Warriors Remembered
Sun May 22 – presentations at the USS Alabama Battleship Park, Mobile from 1-4 pm
All presentations will be accompanied by book signings. Additional radio interviews are pending.
And look for interviews in the local newspapers including the Gosport of Pensacola Naval Air Station.
Please come and visit if you are in the area and spread the word among your friends.


  1. Stanley Klepeis says

    I was with Sargent Malcolm when he died. Also with Sargent Smith and Frank Ruiz. William Morrow was in my squad. I don’t remember what platoon I was in. I remember Sargent Smith and I taking out a hidden dugout I saw while trying to advance up to an objective in the Ashaw. After Platoon Sargent Malcolm was killed and others were wounded, we heard the other squads who were taking the hill made it to the top. I and others decided that we take the wounded back as the objective was taken and why should we continue and risk it. We pulled back and waited for support and then made it up to the objective. I remember we were RPG’D the following morning and I only had a small splinter of metal hit my head which I just pulled out and that was that. I was amaised at seeing the NVA dug in positions and large compound structures. All history now. Good luck with your book.

  2. I would just like to thank you Mr. Al Nahas for your time and dedication to this very special project that you did for All the Vietnam Veterans. May God bless you Sir.

  3. MIKE DOC HILL says

    Please let me know when your coming to south Floria.
    Mike Doc Hill