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Reader comments have been nearly universal that Warriors Remembered has exceeded expectations.  Favorable reviews continue to arrive from those just receiving the book.  Sample comments are posted below as they are received.


  1. James Peterson says

    I would like you to read this from an article from Stars & Stripes — link and article included

    We’re looking for pictures of your hometown veterans memorials
    Veteran Memorials around the United States
    An interactive map of U.S. veteran memorials around the country.
    By Meredith Tibbetts and Joe Gromelski
    Stars and Stripes
    Published: November 25, 2015

    Vet Memorials map project

    Across the United States, towns have honored their soldiers and fallen soldiers in different ways – sometimes small or sometimes with large monuments. They are permanent markers in towns across the country that only locals know of but wandering tourists could easily miss.
    We at Stars and Stripes want to document these memorials across the country, and to do so we created an interactive map. Unfortunately, Stars and Stripes can’t get to them all, so we are enlisting the help of our readers to supply us with images (and the exact location) of their local veteran memorials.
    We aren’t looking for national monuments like the World War II Memorial and the Vietnam Wall in D.C., or the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor (they have been added to the map already for the sake of reference). We want the memorials in your town that are dedicated to servicemembers. It can be a specific monument, like one that just honors the World War II veterans, or a monument that encompasses more veterans. It can be from any war.
    We’ve already added some local monuments to the map, taken by Stars and Stripes photographers Joe Gromelski and Meredith Tibbetts. Browse through the locations along the East Coast. The red pins are local memorials. The yellow pins are National Memorials.
    We ask that the photo be high resolution and emailed to [email protected] or/both [email protected]. Please include the street address where the memorial is and your name. The photo must be taken by you and free of any copyright or other restrictions.

    • James,
      You are welcome to use the information on my website which lists over 1000 Vietnam Veterans Memorials from all 50 states to locate local memorials. Or a copy of Warriors Remembered will give you very interesting stories on 100 of those memorials. Perhaps we can discuss Stars and Stripes publishing one or more of the stories you find interesting.

      • James Peterson says

        Thank you for the reply and I did send your link to the Stars and Stripes — but I have no idea if they will contact you so maybe if you were to contact them — [email protected] or/both [email protected] and offered your information it might be a way to work together.

        Did you get the information I sent on the memorials in Twin Falls, ID? As I stated, the one located at the Twin Falls City Park may be the first one that was created and dedicated in the United States. The construction started in 1966 and was dedicated on Memorial Day in 1967. It only lists those from Twin Falls County but it was built by the classmates of one of the fallen (Class of 1958) and the names / dates start from 1963 Maj James H Allred to 1970 PFC Fred S Smart — 17 names in all.

        One of the classmates that built this memorial is Byrd Golay who being a stone mason and still lives in Twin Falls did most of the construction to honor his friend / classmate Sgt Brent J Baumert who was killed in 1966.

        Regards — James Peterson — Combat Veteran Vietnam — 5th SFG(A) 1st SFG(A)

  2. Al
    Great to see you today after about 37 years. We had fun times in the 12th Engineer Battalion, Dexheim Germany.
    Great book, thank you for the documentation of all the work of the monument builders. VVA Chapter 937 just finished a monument last year. It took us about 5 years.

    Mike Southerland
    Bryan Texas

  3. Robert (Bob) Miller says

    Hi Al. We served together in the 101st and I remember you kindly. I was the Echo executive officer when you were XO of Charley. I then became the support platoon leader of the battalion when you were CO of C company. I am glad to see that you are still making a difference and carrying on the fight. God bless you. Bob

    • bob, good to hear from you. Glad you liked the website; the book is getting very positive reviews. Would be happy to autograph one for you.
      2nd of the 0 Deuce seems light years away. We were indeed soldiers once … and young. all the best, al

  4. Richard E. Small says

    I was “to old” to enlist for Nam, so in 1967 I went as a civilian engineer. Although mostly in Saigon, we risked our lives as we had a price on our heads for the intelligence information we might have known. My hotel was blown up and we were fired on during a run with the “Orient Express” to the Cho Lon (sp?) PX. I am not comparing my experience with any of the brave service men that were there, but its an untold story.

  5. How or where do we send photos to please I am aware of several memorials in Alabama

    • Paul, please click on Alabama on the Find Your Local Memorial page. The click the Submit button and you will have a form to describe each memorial and include photos for each one. thanks for helping with this update. al

  6. janusz lukasik
    [email protected]
    Submitted on 2013/07/11 at 8:10 pm
    pottstown pa . semi circle w/names centered by a grunt kneeling r/t hand stretched out in handshake clasp

  7. morgantown high school, morgantown, wv
    [email protected]
    Submitted on 2013/07/11 at 8:39 pm
    the high school has a black granet wall that is app 3′wide and 2′ high.on it are the names of the 16 graduates who lost their lives in vietnam. it also has pictures of each one of these warriors. the wall has been there a few was moved when the school was built on to and rededicated. these names and pictures are included on the list and websight for the wall in washington, d.c. this year a case containing 16 m-16 shells with the names of one of these warriors was presented to the school.

    gary burch
    32 kelly road
    morgantown, wv 26508

  8. David Keall says

    Hi Guys at Warriors Remembered. I am an Aussie V.v and have been to the USA three times. Every visit I try to locate a memorial. I have seen quite a few. The book enables me when visiting to easily find the Memorials in the area in which I am travelling. love the work time and effort that went into producing this great reference book. Not all Memorilas are list. I have visied one in Cincinnati overlooking the Ohio River. Very well done by the local community.
    Hope the book makes the best sellers list.
    Regards David 67-68

  9. IC1 David C Allen, USN (Ret) says

    I noticed looking at the California list that there 2 that I don’t see on the list. First is the Memorial in San Diego which was in Old Town then was relocated to Balboa Park and is outside the Old Naval Chapel at the San Diego Naval Hospital Site. It is the first Vietnam Veterans Peace Memorial in this country. The second one in in Lemon Grove, CA. It was built by a Boy Scout as his Eagle Scout Project. It is located at the corner of Blossom Lane and Ildica Street. It is behind Mount Miguel High School. I use to live on Blossom Hill Drive and watched the Scout build the Memorial. I have been gone from Lemon Grove for about 15 years but my understanding is that the memorial is still there.
    Prof. David C Allen

  10. From: Sheri P, South Lake Tahoe, CA, June 2013
    One of Doug Pringle’s West Point Classmates Albert Nahas has created a book named ~Warriors Remembered~ which is about 100 Vietnam War Memorials in all 50 states. While the photographs are impressive, the stories behind the memorials is eve…n more so. I CRY each time I read some of these very moving passages. I highly recommend this book as one for you, your children, grand children and for anyone with an interest in the history of the Vietnam War and the men who served our country. You can reach Albert Nahas and to order his book at

  11. From: Oliver B, Houston, TX, July 2012
    It was a pleasure meeting you today at breakfast.
    I checked out the Warrriors Remembered site. Nicely done.
    I will be ordering a book from you.
    I think the copy you had at the meeting was simply an unequalled quality piece of work.
    It’s nice to know that America has finally come around to recognizing all of her warriors including the generation that served in Vietnam.
    Thank you for your efforts to tell this story.

  12. From Marla B., Pasadena, TX May 2012
    Mr. Nahas,
    My mother received the book yesterday and today both she and I looked at the pictures. What a powerful book! We both choked back the tears. Thank you so much for your dedication and preserverance in making this work of love, memories and devotion.
    Thank you for signing the book to my brother. He will no doubt be hit harder by this book than we were, but I know he will appreciate your work also.
    Thank you for your military service and love of country,

  13. From: John C., Washington, D.C. May, 2012
    Thank you so much for your efforts to enable the healing process for the nation and the soldiers who served in Vietnam. Your book is a beautiful work of love and art.

  14. From: Howard O., Honolulu, HI March 2012
    I have your signed book. Yes, I will forward your message to my friends who may not have had the privilege of enjoying Warriors Remembered. Of course, your work in producing Warriors Remembered was an outstanding accomplishment and I enjoyed each memorial as I read the narratives.

  15. From: Susan S., Houston, TX February, 2012
    Thank you Al.
    I’m so excited to send these 2 books off to my cousins, it’s hard to keep them a secret! But I will.
    My next one will be for “me”. I’m thinking it will get some good promotional visibility in my office.
    God bless you in your good work.

  16. I would like to order an autographed copy of your book. My husband, James M. Sigler, is a West Point graduate and is a Vietnam Vet. My only brother was a West Point grad out of the Class of 1966, which lost so many members, and he was killed in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive of 1968. He was awarded the Silver Star, posthumously. I heard about your book, and what I have heard has been very positive, and it is something that I would like to own and show to my three children and our grandchildren, and also my brother’s daughter and only child, and his two grandchildren. Thanks!

  17. Al I would like to thank you for your wonderful book concerning the Vietnam Veterans Memorials throughout the USA. I am the founder and president of the Monterey County Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Salinas California it is built on the same design as the human heart. We had 78 men from Monterey County California that gave their lives in Vietnam. We also had great fiancal and labor in support from the American Legion Riders Districate 28. Our Web Site is http://WWW.MCVVM.ORG
    I relise you tried to get all the Memorials you could find and I thank you for that but you might like to look at our Memorial. Thank You for your effort Dave Keith

  18. James Hancock says

    Al……was unaware of your book until seeing you on San Antonio TV on 2/10/12. I have ordered your book & cannot wait to receive it. Thanks so much for all your good work & WELCOME HOME !!

  19. Charlie Brown says

    Dear Al – I can’t thank you enough for your efforts on behalf of veterans. Your book is a series of soliloguies that define our generation of veterans and the emotions we have experienced. It is the epitome of who we were and who we are now.
    God Bless – Charlie Brown, Chairman, Montana State Vietnam Veterans Memorial Committee

  20. RB Roche, Jr says

    Add Trinidad Colorado to your Colorado Memorials to Viet Nam. It was dedicated either 97-98. VN Vet, 72, 1st Av Bde

  21. I just ordered your book for my husband. We own and operate a monument co. in Houston, TX. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and very proud of the many war memorials we have produced and had a hand in. Should you find time please visit our website and under the commercial section are many of these. Looking forward to reading your book.
    Dianne Schlitzberger, CM, AICA

  22. Barb Goebel says

    I am sure your book is very good. However, I wish you had includedmore Vienam monuments., We have a Veterans Memorial Park in Richmond, In., that has not only a Vietnam Memorial, but monuments honoring all of our wars included one that honors Women Veterans. It is the first such monument in the State of Indiana. I am sure there are also othes that were notmemtioned.

    • Barb,
      I really appreciate your comment. You are very correct that there are many memorials that I could not include in Warriors Remembered either for lack of space or because I could not find anyone to tell me about them. I have over 1000 memorials on my list including the one in Richmond, IN. Just to fit 100 into the book required adding 32 extra pages. I encourage you to create a website that tells the world about your memorial so that people will know to visit it. Thank you again for interest in Warriors Remembered.

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