Warriors Remembered now linked to Vietnam War Commemoration

The Vietnam War Commemoration commission was established to coordinate remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. Its activities have begun and will culminate in 2015. Warriors Remembered is honored to have been selected to link to the Commemoration website and will provide information on memorials as appropriate to support activities of the commission.


  1. Dana Stewart says

    I never got to meet my brother. He was killed 3 years before I was born. He was the oldest brother out of 11 kids. Though I did not know him except what I was told about him. My father,Uncle,another Brother, 2 nephew, a niece, her husband and many more dear friend have and still are serving this Country. I am honored and VERY PROUD of them and will never for get them. One day I will meet the brother I never
    knew. His name is Vernan Terry Cochran he went to Army boot camp on April 13 1965. He gave his live while saving others on June 21 1966. He was from the mountains Western N.C. in a small coumunty called Nantahala. If any one new him I would love the hear more about him. God Bliss you all I dont know you but I love all who served.