Help Needed with Vietnam Memorial Catalog

List of 1000 Vietnam veterans memorials is now posted on Warriors Remembered  website.  Need your help in completing this list of all Vietnam memorials in the US.   Click your state on the US map.  If your memorial is not listed or has errors, please use the Submit page to send a description, location and photos.  With your help, we can create a catalog of all of the Vietnam veterans memorials in the country, complete with directions to visit them.  Also take a look at Warriors Remembered, the photo documentary of 100 memorials with their stories.


  1. Robert Gaddi, LTC, USA, Retired says

    Col Nahas:
    Greetings from San Diego, CA.
    There’s a Vietnam Memorial at Naval Base Coronado. It’s dedicated to the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard sailors who gave their lives at sea, in the air, and on coastal and inland waters during the Vietnam War (1960-1975).
    See this web site for info:

    Best Regards –
    Bob Gaddi
    82d Spt Bn, 3d Bde, 82d Airborne Div (Vietnam, Aug 1968 – Sep 1969)
    Airborne – All The Way!