Warriors Remembered receives outstanding review from MWSA.

The Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) has given a glowing review to Warriors Remembered. An organization of hundreds of military writers, the MWSA’s review is the closest thing to a “peer review” that this photo documentary of Vietnam Veterans Memorials could receive.  Read the full review below.


MWSA Book Review

Title: Warriors Remembered:  Vietnam Veterans–Welcome Home

Author: Albert J. Nahas;  ISBN: 978-1-934922-29-3; MWSA Reviewer: Michael D. Mullins

Photo-journal that should be in every vet’s library.  

Warriors Remembered: Vietnam Veterans–Welcome Home by Albert J. Nahas is a wonderful pictorial journey to several veterans memorials around America.  Mr. Nahas provides the history of the efforts of those involved in creating monuments to the memory and sacrifice of those who fought for our country, in particular to those who shared the Vietnam experience with him.  He was drawn to include those who fought or served in all our wars, men and women alike.  It is a coffee table book in the truest and best sense of the description. His photography is the next best thing to being at these places in person.

Like most Vietnam vets, I know much of what went into the creation of The Wall in D.C.  I am aware of local memorials, but I knew nothing of the efforts made by others around the country.  Mr. Nahas enlightened me.  He took me places I can’t go.  He showed me things I won’t see up close.  He made tears well up in my eyes, with appreciation and respect for those who worked so diligently to keep memories alive, who salute those who died or otherwise did not come home.  Albert J. Nahas took me on a magic carpet ride around the country with the art of a photographer and the patience of a teacher.  I can feel his emotion. I feel his effort.  I know how much it cost him to produce this work via his own wallet and at the expense of unending emotional commitment. I thank him for it.

I recommend this wonderful book to all who support the military and especially all those who served.

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