Warriors Remembered Donated to Worldwide Fisher Houses

Sugar Land, Texas April 25, 2016An anonymous donor has purchased 67 copies of Warriors Remembered that have been distributed to Fisher Houses worldwide. Fisher Houses offer free lodging for families of veterans receiving care at Veterans Administration or military hospitals. Constructed by the Fisher House Foundation, they are donated to the VA or branch of service operating those hospitals. Warriors Remembered is a photo documentary of 100 Vietnam veterans memorials from all 50 states. Warriors Remembered and the Fisher House Foundation share a mission of offering a “Thank You for Your Service” and Welcome Home for all veterans and both recognize the significant sacrifices of veteran families.

Colonel (Ret) Albert J. Nahas, a Vietnam veteran with the 101st Airborne Division from July 1968 to February 1970, spent six years and 35,000 driving miles touring the United States, photographing memorials and interviewing those who created them. From his list of over 1,000 memorials, he selected 100 to represent and honor those who served, were killed or remain missing in Vietnam and the veterans, friends and families who sacrificed in the face of often adverse public opinion to create memorials to honor their fallen brothers in arms.

The donor, a veteran of the Texas Air National Guard, has long admired the sacrifice of all warriors who fought our nation’s wars.  He attended a Warriors Remembered presentation and book signing by Colonel Nahas and took to heart his stated mission of publicizing these memorials often unknown even by veterans living nearby. The book’s stories bring the memorials to life and are meant to kindle continued healing for veterans and for the Nation from the divisiveness of that time in our history. Warriors Remembered also presents the legacy of the Vietnam War in relation to our nation’s current conflicts. The donor’s desire to assist with this mission led him to partner with Colonel Nahas and both agreed the Fisher Houses would be an ideal venue to reach veterans and their families.

Warriors Remembered was released on Veterans Day, 2010 and is a 240-page, hard cover, coffee-table-format photo documentary of 100 Vietnam veterans memorials from all 50 states.  With over 285 photos it tells the stories and captures the struggles and dedication of those who created the memorials. The book also highlights unique features of each memorial that might be missed by a first-time visitor. These memorials are for the dead, but more so for the living. They are meant to be visited. Most of them were built for Vietnam veterans by Vietnam veterans. That war’s combat veterans are a declining generation which adds urgency to the mission of publicizing these memorials for their benefit and for the benefit of all families affected by war. The book is dedicated to all American Warriors and to Colonel Nahas’ twenty-nine West Point classmates who were killed in that war. Warriors Remembered can be previewed at www.warriorsremembered.com  Colonel Nahas will gladly sign any book purchased.

Fisher Houses www.fisherhouse.org provide military families free housing close to a loved one during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury.