This Summer — Honor Your Brothers

     Many of you will hit the road this summer for some enjoyable travel.  Many Vietnam veterans memorials are along your way that you could pass right by without knowing.

     Warriors Remembered ( ) has nine regional maps that clearly mark exact locations to over 100 Vietnam veterans memorials that may be on your route.  The book’s memorial stories can guide your tour and point out features you might otherwise miss.

     Take a few minutes to honor your fallen and surviving brothers from the War.  These short stops will add new meaning to your trip.


  1. Mr. Hahas, Welcome Home.

    A fellow Vietnam Vet met you at a recent reunion, and knowing of a little project I’ve recently started, sent me a copy of your book. Absolutely fantastic. I’ve flipped through looking at the pictures to see what memorials I’ve already seen, and making a mental “to see” list. On my “guestbook” website (listed in the “website” box above), you will find the first to pieces of the project I referenced – writing up visits to war memorials in the little towns and villages that dot our nation. “Honoring Heros in Small Town USA.” Thus far, I only have two written up, but once I retire, that may become my quest. You may find them interesting and can find them by accessing the above website, and on the right hand side under the “You might like this too …” line, you’ll find the two articles on “Honoring Heros in Small Town USA.”

    Thanks again for your commendable project, I look forward to visit as many of the memorials as I can.


    – duane
    MSG, USA (R), RVN 1971-72

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