SOLDIERSTONE — continuing the story

Vietnam Mystery Memorial — Continuing this amazing story.

Many have speculated that because of its remote location the memorial must have been erected using a helicopter.  Actually the location proved to be accessible with some difficulty by truck.  A local granite monument company brought the materials to the site on a lift truck using its crane to place the memorial and the quote stones.  Much of the rest of the construction was done by hand with volunteer labor.  None of the participants wished any publicity for their efforts, regretting only the LTC Beckley was unable to join them.

LTC Beckley did not want to publicize the memorial location.  Remembering that it was erected in 1995, the mode of the country toward all things Vietnam left him fearful of possible vandalism.  He did not want it to become a tourist attraction, but wanted to reserve it for warriors still dealing with their own demons or wanting to remember their fallen comrades.  He also did not want it to become “Stu’s Memorial”.  People have questioned why this blog is now apparently breaking his wishes.  That is not the case.

Starting with the first Gulf War, but more so after 911 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the mood of the country toward veterans took a 180 degree turn.  Perhaps suffering from a national guilt at the way Vietnam veterans were treated most people now separated their feelings about war from their respect for those who volunteer to carry out their assigned missions.  The warrior was no longer blamed for the war.  And Vietnam veterans themselves had pledged that “Never again would one generation of veterans forget another.”  Many of the welcome home committees at airports were led by Vietnam veterans.  And Vietnam veterans were increasingly taking leadership roles in many veterans organizations.  Every effort was being made to keep returning veterans connected.

This blog is directed predominantly to veteran groups and just as the photo documentary Warriors Remembered was published to inform veterans of the hundreds of Vietnam veterans memorials in all 50 states, publicizing SOLDIERSTONE offers veterans in the area a chance to visit and heal while remembering their fallen brothers.  LTC Beckley would approve.

Coming Next: (and without such a long delay) Translating the Quote Stones.

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  1. I can’t find any link to where the translations were ever posted as this article says. Were you unable to translate or am I just looking in the wrong spot? Very interesting and well written article! Thank you for the beginning!