First time ever!  Warriors Remembered — the Poem.  Read at the  banquet for The Wall replica dedication at the National Infantry Museum, 20 March 2014.   The Poem Warriors Remembered  A great honor to be included in the event with so many heroes present.  Photos at Warriors Remembered Events Gallery

National Infantry Museum Honors Warriors Remembered

The National Infantry Museum has selected four lines from the poem Warriors Remembered for their Vietnam Veterans Memorial replica of The Wall. The National Infantry Museum (NIM) located just outside Ft Benning, GA will dedicate a Vietnam Memorial replica of The Wall this Friday morning, 21 March at 10:00 AM. The 2/3 sized replica donated by Dignity Memorial was previously their traveling wall. Three granite panels will guard the entrance to The Wall and NIM has chosen to inscribe on one panel four lines from the poem Warriors Remembered to honor those whose engraved names tell of that war’s sacrifice. “Some volunteered; others came when summoned. All made the choice standing straight to face the call. We heard the call; we answered with our service. We paid the price for others. Let them remember.” Warriors Remembered continues to be the Thank You for Your Service and the Welcome Home that many Vietnam veterans never received.

Help Needed with Vietnam Memorial Catalog

List of 1000 Vietnam veterans memorials is now posted on Warriors Remembered  website.  Need your help in completing this list of all Vietnam memorials in the US.   Click your state on the US map.  If your memorial is not listed or has errors, please use the Submit page to send a description, location and photos.  With your help, we can create a catalog of all of the Vietnam veterans memorials in the country, complete with directions to visit them.  Also take a look at Warriors Remembered, the photo documentary of 100 memorials with their stories.

Warriors Remembered Comes to Austin

Warriors Remembered is coming to the Association of the United States Army General Membership Meeting in Austin at Noon Wednesday, March 6. There will be a presentation on the memorials of Warriors Remembered in the Conference Room of the Texas Military Forces Museum at Camp Mabry as the featured presentation for the AUSA quarterly gathering. There is no admission fee and ample room for any who care to attend. Membership in AUSA is not required.

A book signing will immediately follow the presentation for anyone who would like a copy of Warriors Remembered or who brings one previously purchased.

Warriors Remembered Presentations

Warriors Remembered continues to be the subject of many successful presentations. Recently have addressed veterans groups such as the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) and local VFW chapters. Have also addressed civic groups like the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club. Scheduled to address the Military Order of the Purple Heart in San Antonio on 22 Feb and AUSA in Austin on 6 March. If you are in the area, please join us. Book signings will follow each presentation.

Did You Know?

Did you know that since its publication on Veterans Day 2010 every review of
Warriors Remembered
has given it a 5 Star rating? 100% 5 Star ratings. Makes an excellent Christmas present for any veteran or anyone interested in the sacrifices of the Vietnam generation.

Warriors Remembered — Days of Remembrance

We are approaching four very important days of warrior remembrance – two this month.

National POW/MIA Recognition Day is Friday, 21 September (designated as the 3rd Friday in September). This is a national day of prayer and remembrance that we still have thousands of missing warriors who have never returned home. Of the 2,489 listed originally as missing in Vietnam, over 800 have had their remains returned and efforts continue for a full accounting.

Gold Star Mother’s Day is Sunday, 30 September (always the last Sunday in September). Designated to honor all mothers (and families) who have lost a son or daughter in combat.

Veterans Day is Sunday, 11 November. No explanation needed

National Wreaths Across America Remembrance takes place Saturday, 8 December (2nd Saturday in December). An annual wreath laying at all veterans cemeteries that needs support and donations.

Please participate and support each of these important days. Take a moment to honor those who have served and those who have been lost in service to the Nation.

This Summer — Honor Your Brothers

     Many of you will hit the road this summer for some enjoyable travel.  Many Vietnam veterans memorials are along your way that you could pass right by without knowing.

     Warriors Remembered ( ) has nine regional maps that clearly mark exact locations to over 100 Vietnam veterans memorials that may be on your route.  The book’s memorial stories can guide your tour and point out features you might otherwise miss.

     Take a few minutes to honor your fallen and surviving brothers from the War.  These short stops will add new meaning to your trip.

13 Years to Remember 50 Years Ago

The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration, established last year under the Department of Defense, has begun activities to remember the 50th anniversary of events of the Vietnam War.  This effort, which kick off with the Memorial Day Ceremony at The Wall, will last for 13 years until 2025 marking the end to America’s longest war.  Stay tuned to Warriors Remembered as we remember significant events in this 13 year history.

Warriors Remembered to be quoted at The Wall on Memorial Day.

The Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration kicks off its 13-year program this Memorial Day at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  The ceremony begins at 1:00 PM Eastern Time and will be broadcast nationally on C-SPAN, FOX, and other networks.  Among the materials submitted to the White House for President Obama’s main address were the last four lines of the poem Warriors Remembered found on page 82 and the inside cover of the book and the link to the Warriors Remembered website . 

            This poem stanza will also be printed on the back cover of the ceremony program as a consise statement of why our Nation needs this Commemoration.  It is a great honor for Warriors Remembered to be able to contribute to the beginning of this much needed program.

              It mattered not what politicians argued.

             It mattered not what history would reveal.

             We had no expectation but to serve where duty called us.

             We asked for no reward except a Nation’s thanks.

              Take time this Memorial Day to remember our fallen brothers.